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Why Google is Broken - State of Digital ∞

"After Caffeine , the SERPs were inundated with results of dubious quality. Google, therefore, tried to correct this with a series of updates.

The first was Panda (and just before it the ” Scraper update”). Thanks to it the SERPs were cleaned of documents with thin content, which did not offer real value to users and whose sole purpose was to rank for the largest number of keywords. (Do you remember Demand Media and EHow?)

The quality improved, but not that much. Those documents, in fact, were mostly replaced by those that based their strength on manipulative link building tactics.

For this reason Google introduced Penguin.

And, in case that Penguin alone was not able to definitively eradicate the effects of link spam, Google has dramatically increased the number of manual penalties and actions against everything that Google tends to be defined as a link network (hence guest blogging platforms too).

With the SERPs “cleaned” of thin and poor value search results (Panda ) and the result of link spam results (Penguin), the quality has improved … but not that much.

As in a nightmare without an end, their place wasn’t taken by immaculate and highly valuable web documents. No, for the most part we began to see how the good old exact match domains sites conquered the SERPs.”

Abr 23, 2014

Top Internet Marketing Tools 2014 ∞

Recomendado este recopilado de herramientas para Marketing Online

Abr 15, 2014

El Color como influye en la conversión.

Abr 7, 2014

(vía rinconmiscelaneo)

Abr 6, 2014

Pinterest Para Empresas - Guía Práctica

Tutorial de Pinterest para empresas. Con esta guía busco mostrar las ventajas de utilizar Pinterest para una marca, negocio, local, marca personal, startups, etc.

"Pinterest Para Empresas por Jorge Jaramillo: Una presentación basada en la funcionalidad de Pinterest for Business que le sirve a las empresas o negocios tener una mayor visibilidad.

Pinterest es una herramienta fabulosa, con funcionalidad y características únicas, las cuales se mencionan en esta guia-tutorial. Una empresa puede utilizar Pinterest como canal de comunicación o herramienta de inspiración.

Conozco algunos casos de éxito de Pinterest en sectores como el Inmobiliario, el gremio automovilístico y sector moda.

Esta guía está creada por @jorgejaramillo y liberada al mundo para que la disfruten.
Si tienen alguna duda pueden realizarla por medio de mi cuenta de twitter o mi sitio web jorgejaramillo.com.

Espero la disfruten.”

Mar 20, 2014

The Building Blocks of Community ∞


Last week someone asked me:

How do you build a community?

I paused. I hadn’t thought about it before. For the past three months, much of my time and focus has been on growing the Product Hunt community. I never considered myself a “community builder” but in retrospect, perhaps I am. At…

Feb 25, 2014

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